• Chitosan Adhesive Dressing
    Chitosan Adhesive Dressing
    1. Name :Chitosan adhesive dressing 2. Product parameters 3.Feature Chitosan dressing is made of Chitosan fiber which from Shrimp , crab and shells. 1. Absorbs up to 20 times its weight in fluid and forms hydrogel layer that help with moisture retention 2


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  • Grape Seed Extract
    Grape Seed Extract
    English Name:Grape Seed ExtractBotanical Source: Vitis vinifera L.Color: Reddish Brown Fine PowderPart of Plant Used: SeedComponents: proanthocyanidinsSpecification: 95%、98% proanthocyanidinsCAS Number: 84929-27-1Method of Testing: UVExpiration date: 2 ye


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  • Best Folding Electric Wheelchair
    Best Folding Electric Wheelchair
    Best folding electric wheelchair This electric wheelchair is equipped with the best joystick from PG UK brand, and Motion motor from Taiwan. We match these two parts at the high maneuverability, performance Also we deal carefully to make the excellence de


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